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I do think this has the potential to be a good game if the controls were better. Maybe the horse could have been mapped to the arrow keys or maybe the IJKL keys. Trying to control both characters at the same time holding the space and only using one set of direction keys really make controlling this cumbersome. There's also no visual indicator for when you are controlling the horse, which makes the game hard. I also think mapping the space bar to both controlling the horse and teleporting it is a bad idea. Those two should be separate.
Anyways, I'm done ranting about the controls. The pixel art is alright, and the music is actually really chill. The base for a an enjoyable game is there. I'd say to keep on making. You got potential.

makes me jerkel my urkel

i appreciate the use of no more heroes music

I have no idea if you spelt fantasy intentionally wrong or not in the description. But good experience regardless lol

i made a lovely kony 2012 tribute thanks to this!!

i also actually like the music in this game. so somber and off-beat. makes me pretty emotional!

i actually like the music for destination purple


I believe you do have a solid base here. However, I am only giving you 3 stars since this game's upgrades feel way too overpowered. I think it has to do with the fact that there is no progression towards enemy spawns. You just often get the red circle crowd spawn way too often, which gives a lot of money for a short time. Because of this, you get money super quickly and it doesn't feel rewarding.
The regeneration upgrade also is too overpowered. It gives lives at a way too fast rate to the point where I am at 33 lives. Even with the one hit enemies, it still feels too easy difficulty wise once I get the piercing upgrade. Maybe enemies that require two or three more hits even with the upgrade would at least add some challenge to this game. As it stands now, there isn't much incentive to continue trying since the game is too easy.
I will give you props for the graphics though. It's definitely not a masterpiece, but I do like the old-school flash aesthetic, and I'd say you nailed it here.

Overview for this messy review: Either raise the upgrade prices, limit the fire rate, or make enemies take more hits, and I would say you got a good game here. Keep on going at it, you got potential.

XaiverXD responds:

I'll make a third version with more stuff and way longer gameplay. I'll make waves for better progression and add a title, difficulties, and way more ideas I'm going to keep hidden for more surprise later. I knew regen was OP and I am going to make the max health 15.

Pretty hyped to see what this year's advent is going to be like! I do know it's gonna be good though.

(Also, shoutouts to the whalephobia hatty cult.)

sucks bb... >:(((

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