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i'm a true game developer....

an interesting portal to what the internet was like back then, although in a much more satirical way.

this game's graphics slap. but i don't know why there's gabe newell repeatedly playing... kinda annoying imo

I honestly wish I found this game during when I was a kid so I could form some nostalgic memories with this. But as a young somewhat adult (I'm 18 but still feel immature), I can appreciate this game for how much it perfectly nails the Minecraft feel while providing some new things. This is an impressive fan game, and I thank you for all the hard work you've put into the updates and the reform to HTML5. :D

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you a lot for not only appreciating the game for what it is currently and the work that went into it, but also for how it ages as people might remember it.

It's true that a LOT of the people commenting these days are here for nostalgia. I love memories like that, and am grateful to be able to preserve people's childhood memories :)


good game but why is there so much vehicular manslaughter

ayekerik responds:

legal in italy

Pretty cool to see how much you improved since your AC:NH game!!

the music in this game is so good. thank you to larry and everybody else who contributed to it!

I'm proud to be misogynistic towards the teacher!!!1!

now i can become a true asian...

For people who get "WebGL not found" on Chrome, go to Settings and enable "use hardware acceleration when available" if you have not. Next, type chrome://flags and type WebGL in the search bar. Click enable on "Enable WebGL draft extensions" and you should be good.

Technical difficulties aside, pretty cool game! Cat games are always a plus in my book, and the music is p chill...

loyon responds:

Thanks for the feedback <3

Sorry for the technical trouble, we'll try to detect if WebGL is enabled and forward the user to proper instruction page to enable it.

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