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Not too bad! I think the AI could have been more challenging though, it was super easy winning the races.
I like the smile on the marble. It's cute. :)

Although pretty basic, creating your own particles is really cool. I think it would be better if there was more preset particle options or more behaviors, but I think this has some potential if it gets updates.

While I do agree with the message of the game, I think this game gets old very quickly. I get that it's a minigame from a bigger (and more interesting game), but this doesn't really work as a standalone game upload. Sure, it is a fun game to mess around with for a few minutes, but this does not give me a lasting impression compared to other games on this site. I kept waiting for my results to have an impact on some form, but nothing happened. :/
I do like the graphic style of this game though. The poorly drawn guillotine is really charming and the people you behead have cool low-poly 3D.
I do think you are talented, but this game is a miss for me personally.

cool i guess????

they should put this in nfl so we can finally get rid of bastard john madden

honestly really cool! i dig the graphics style (except for the weird delay between switching sprites) and the cool perspectives in battle!
for a month, i'd say you did a pretty good job on this :D

acctoupload responds:

Hi snoats, thanks for the feedback - where does the delay occur?

this still holds up beautifully today\
edit: just beat the game. the shaking camera is legit annoying. glad to see it didn't last too long though. but i must ask... do you still love me?

actually better than most adult games on this site tbh

i honestly would like to see more of your stuff where you express your emotions/thoughts like this. i really enjoyed this funny commentary about spam and what the audience perceives versus what the audience thinks. mind telling me where i can find more of this?

ZabuJard responds:

I do podcasts on my YouTube channel there's a link on my newgrounds page on the left

honestly better than the other one

occasionally grows from the soil

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