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very kool, doodookum

not that bad. i wish you guys were able to make the players not walk off the screen. i have no idea if this was for challenge, but since i was able to cheese Level 10 by jumping off the top of the screen, it feels like putting a border would have been a good idea. this does mean you would have to change some of the levels, but i think this game would be more difficult. this game is pretty easy, so i would have liked to see some more challenge on here.
another gripe i have is the jump momentum. the walking controls feel fine, it's just jumping that is weird to me. if you make small movements while jumping, you only move a few pixels. it just feels a little too heavy for my own liking, especially when i was trying to play this game carefully. for little nudges of movement, i would like for the jump to feel a bit looser. but aside from that, controls are fine.
i also would have liked some sounds. if there's going to be no music, then please put sound effects. it just feels real dry without it.
you guys did a pretty fine job though, especially for a game jam. best of luck to you winning this jam!

although i find it weird there were so many flashes that drew black men with pink lips, this is still really fun and holds up really well still

the freedom bit actually aged kinda well

I legit didn't know adult swim used to have a newgrounds page for their games division. Huh.

While I do like the rhythm mechanic here, the game become dull pretty quickly. Yeah, there is some challenge to trying to perfect the game and not mess up. However, the game still feels pretty easy. The only thing I'll give this game respect for is this multiplayer. Haven't seen too many multiplayer games that can use one keyboard.

I also don't like the music for whatever for some reason. I like chiptune music and this is by no means "objectively" bad music, but something about the leads they use just doesn't sound pleasant. It's also just pretty forgettable imo.

But overall, pretty meh game. I'm surprised by how much Stamper was right about this being forgotten. Fun timewaster though, but I would rather play pixeljam's other works.

I also don't like the music.

spooky AND SWAG

i wish i can live just like grandpa, eating birds and dealing with painful impalement

makes me monkey for nft bana

really feels aesthetic and anime with the bg msuic and trumpie rumpie!!!

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I don't have much to say except this is cool! :D

occasionally grows from the soil

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