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This is hilarious!!!

This is also legit impressive for your first animation! Make more please!

Down-and-Out responds:

Thank you, was just glad to get it finished in the end - I dreaded opening the file, an absolute mess of layers and timelines.

Pretty charming!

this rocks!!

fuck yeah flash movie in 2021!!!
honestly like this even though it is just a loop

MedusaOddball responds:

yeah i'm gonna try and work on making longer animations hah :) id tried using flash before and it was no where near as 'good' as this lol

8/10 cock!!!

Pretty dope style!!!

wtf is that goat at the end tho???

Zalay responds:


Surprisingly smooth animation! I am kind of confused on what is going on though, what artist lemonade exactly is, and why it requires artist blood...

Sockslaper responds:

Astuover on yt made the song its really good and I thought it would be funny if it some one followed the instructions

I want to enjoy this movie, but there are a few things that do put me off. I am not sure how you record your audio, but this particular episode had me confused on what you were saying. All I got was that it was a "??? and sunny day". Please speak more confidently instead of whispering or move to a better location for recording. I also would prefer if there was just a hint of background music throughout the whole thing instead of the end, but I could deal with it if you don't.
I also do think the backgrounds could be improved somehow. I like the way you draw your characters, but the backgrounds look pretty empty. The other episodes' backgrounds had some objects in them, so I don't know what is up with this episode being so empty. The car at the end is fine though.
The credits in each episode are way too long. Half the entire video??? That's crazy 0_0. I will give props and say this one is better than your other ones since I am not staring at a black screen with slow scrolling text. However, you could adjust the text to appear maybe only 3-4 seconds at a faster pace. The credits could last 9-12 seconds and not cut out directly after the "Special Thanks to You" credit. It could possibly it back to the logo.
All of this is why I am giving you a low score. I do think you do have the potential to become a good animator though. Just keep on animating.


how did that ninja move so fast if he was made of wood???

awesome animation as always, even if it was short :)

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